Sunday, February 24, 2013

Outdoor Weddings!

So folks- I am going to be fairly active on this blog now- or will try to be at least!!  Bah- who am I kidding.  Anyhoo, it was really busy past summer- and I have again seen SOOO much and experienced so much- its my duty (due to my gift of gab) to make sure I spread the word.  As we approach the upcoming summer wedding season- this one is specifically for brides:

THE JURY IS OUT ON OUTDOOR WEDDINGS!  (Well at least for Hindu Ceremony's) They very RARELY work out the way the unsuspecting bride is expecting them to.  I know, I know I'm bursting a few bubbles here.  But better I give you the voice of reason in advance, than causing you embarrassment on the day of.  I speak the truth and as bluntly as possible- so don't take me as a meanie or anything.  I am doing you a favour here ;o)

The TOP 5 reasons why outdoor wedding ceremony's don't work:

1. Indian people don't like SUN!!  There is no secret here.  It is a time honoured fact that the more "GORA" (white) you are - the more beautiful.  Hey don't shoot the messenger- you know its true!  So why subject the poor Auntiyan to the dreaded sun?  The last thing they need is a TAN!
2. When it gets soo hot in the 11am sun, all your guests will run for cover!  Meaning your nice theatre style seating will be a ghost-town and the bushes around your beautiful setting will have brown people hiding in them.  It looks really bad.  Nobody is occupying the beautiful seating arrangement you have prepared, and in your pictures/video it will look like nobody showed up to your wedding.

3. Bugs.  Especially the "lakeside" outdoor weddings.  Still water is a breading ground for mosquitos and in the summertime there tends to be overnight rainstorms, etc which cause puddles galore.  Sure the sun might be out- but the fact is- so are the bugs.  Trust me- your guests will be eaten alive!

4. I have seen many a mandap toppled over by the wind at your scenic outdoor locale.  Is it worth it?  Luckily nobody has been hurt yet.  Mandaps these days are very complex and the sheers sometimes act as sails.  Its pretty scary.  There has been many a close call. 

5. Lastly and the most obvious.  Rain.  In the summertime, the weather is truly unpredictable.  We once had an outdoor wedding in a tent on a monsoon rain type of day.  It caused so much bitterness that the Bride and Groom were ultimately not happy with anything.  Their parade got rained on- and Mother Nature was not around to be yelled at- only the decorator, DJ, video, and photographer.  

Look, I don't have the greatest luck when it comes to things with chance- so if it was me- I would likely get rain on my special day.  If your stars are better aligned than mine- go ahead and take the chance.  On the ODD occasion (partly sunny day with enough clouds to block the sun, not too hot, not too humid, minimal wind, no chance of rain type of day) you can get extremely lucky and your outdoor wedding can be MAGICAL!!!  Well for the lucky few at least.  Bon chance mes amis!!

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