Thursday, January 20, 2011

Busy January!

This has arguably been the busiest January ever- not necessarily with events (we tend not do do many Lohris, etc!) - but with client meetings and future projects. Not much time to breathe- but I thought I would take a few minutes to write this. In reference to client meetings.

Mostly just to point out to "unsuspecting" brides and grooms a few pointers when "DJ shopping" (although I believe those that have to "shop" are already going about the process totally wrong). But lets just say you are not clued into the market and really never heard of any DJ or company. How do you ascertain if you are making the "right decision". Here's how (IMHO):

- Have you seen them in action? If you have seen them in action and have liked what you saw/heard etc. Providing the pricing works- what more research do you need to do than seeing with your own eyes?

- Have you got a great reference from friends/other vendors? If all roads are pointing you in 1 direction- chances are they are right. Surely friends of yours should have similar tastes to yours- and if they liked the company- likely you will too. Also- if more than a few professional vendors are saying go with this company- its likely because they appreciate the professionalism as well.

- Does the company have a professional presence? This to me is the clincher! So you go to company A- they have a warehouse, office, employees, showroom etc- it should tell you right away- this is not a fly by night operation! How can you fairly compare the guy that meets you at Tim Hortons with that? To me - it boggles my mind. UNLESS- the Timmys bloke is 50% of the price- it should be a comparative red flag. Remember the office, etc implies it is a FULL TIME operation (meaning when you need to reach someone anytime- you can), and they are serious about what they do- and have made the investment in their company. They are not just looking to make extra coin on weekends. Look if the entire market is meeting at Timmys- then great- it means the market hasn't matured to the level that companies can sustain a full time operation. But the fact that we are at a point in our community where there are companies that can- the Timmys choice should not even be an option- regardless if they put out CDs or DJ at clubs. This is your wedding- not a Lohri party ;o)!!!

Lastly, there are a lot more criteria such as age, maturity, years of experience- but as an "unsuspecting" bride and groom- that can't be easily verified.

So final point. Just keep your eyes and ears open. Its all there for you to make the distinction.

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