Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So much to say - but no time to say it!

I have always wanted to a start blog- and what better time than the new year. So hopefully I can stick to this. Photographer/Videographers have blogs- not many DJs do. So thought I would be THE FIRST to do this (watch others will follow!) So here goes...

Well as I sit here and write this- I have TONS of things on the plate/on the go. Almost feel like I am wasting as much time on this as I do with Facebook! But this blog may shed some real light to "unsuspecting brides and grooms". Why do I call them "unsuspecting"- because the vast majority have no clue how to go about the wedding planning process! So in the weeks and months to come- I plan on "illuminating" (like we do with our LEDS --cheap plug) "unsuspecting" brides and grooms.

I will try and keep it mostly positive- things to help them out. But if I occasionally have to "s#it" on someone - I will. Likely wont call them by name as I don't need the bloody headache. So that is it for today. If this is my last blog - ahhh well at least I gave it a shot. But I've been told I have the gift of gab and a perennial bout of verbal diarrhea- so I can't see myself not keeping this up- but time is of the essence...

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